Wind Farm at Suez Gulf

Project Idea

Establishing Generating Station for Electricity from Wind Chimes Power

Project Location

Is set at the Red Sea Coast at Suez Gulf with 2 Kilometer Square at Ras El-Behar where air speed 9 m/second

Kamy Group

Engineering Office for Information Systems

Kamy Group Plays an important role in Project Development, Project Documentations, Licensees, and negotiations with the local Authorities, Fund Raising, and Investors Assistant. As well as establishing a new joint stock company with share holders.

Project Stages

First Stage :

20 Mega Watt using 35 Unit of 600 KW Turbine till 2008

Second Stage :

80 Mega Watt using 80 Unit of 1000 KW Turbine till 2010

Third Stage :

200 Mega Watt using 40  Unit of 5000 KW Turbine till 2010


 Estimated investments expected for first stage 20 $ M. US Dollars will be directed to infra-structure, turbines purchasing and getting started.

Steps Done

       Negotiations with deferent local authorities

       Investigations for the location.

       Primary visibility study


 Establishing a new joint stock company ( Holding Co. for Renewable Energy)